Check Out These Home Selling Success Stories

You made it very easy, convenient, and pleasant. The house was very inviting and warm because of the staging. I felt that staging gave the house a more appealing look that may help the buyer envision their future home. Staging was worth the investment.

Maureen E.
Washington, D.C.

I appreciate you staging the house so quickly and having it look so nice! Had 3 offers the first weekend!

Nechama L.

Washington, D.C.

I am sure that Jennifer's staging helped to sell the apartment in UNDER ONE MONTH. It was easy, smooth and stress-free. The apartment had an older kitchen, which could have been a turnoff for some people. I think that the way Jennifer staged the entire apartment allowed potential buyers to see all of the GREAT features that were already there. 

I feel totally happy with the investment we made in staging the apartment, and feel that it was totally worth it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jennifer and Main Stage!

Falah A.

Frederick, MD

Anthan T.

Vienna, VA

Wow! It looks amazing! Thank you so much Jennifer! I will definitely use your service again!

Shawn S.

Rockville, MD

We had an offer within the first 4 days…I believe the home staging really helped to sell the house quickly!

My new place looks AMAZING! They not only staged my library, but also ORGANIZED the books by theme for easy access. My linen closet is so well-designed with the folds and color sections of the towels and linens, that I don't want to destroy the structure of it. 


Main Stage Home is THE PERFECT COMPANY... saving you time and energy to improve your relaxation! Thanks, Jennifer, for your EXPERTISE!

Amanda W.

Orlando, FL

I now feel that my house truly is a home. I really love how you were able to take our existing furniture and art and turn our home into a beautiful, functional space.

Amanda S.

Greenbelt, MD

I appreciate your help and expertise in maximizing my closet space and it's been helpful in keeping me organized....Hope to work with you again as well!

Quentin W.

Orlando, FL

Working with Main Stage removed the stress of decorating and organizing our first home. Jennifer helped us by managing our to-do list, decluttering our spaces and most importantly, using our existing furniture and accessories to create a unique space that says “us.” 

Carol S.

Chevy Chase, MD