Resources for New & Aspiring Home Stagers

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So you wanna be a home stager? 


Well, welcome aboard! I love the freedom that my home staging career gives me.


I set my own schedule and run my business on my own terms. Sounds good, right? 


Well, it is good! It's a dream job! 


If you're a new or aspiring home stager, I'm sure you've got some decorating skills. And that's cool.

Beige chair ad table in living room


But guess what? There's a lot more to home staging than just picking out pretty furniture.


You see, to really succeed as a home stager, you've got to have some real business skills, too.


You need to know how to set up your company, how to price your services, how to market your business so you can get clients—and much, much more!


And as a graduate of The Staging Diva® Home Staging Business Training Program, I've not only learned the ins and outs of staging homes for faster, more profitable selling, but I've also learned the business of home staging.


And the great news is this: you can learn it, too.  


Don't let the TV shows fool you—staging is a lot harder than it looks. So don't try to figure out the business side of staging on your own. 


You need a plan to succeed in business, so check out these resources for yourself.


Even if you don't pick this program (it's great, though!), I strongly encourage you to get some business training before you embark on your home staging journey.


And if you've already gotten started, no worries—it's not too late to learn the skills you need to run a successful home staging business.


Ready to learn the business of home staging? Then click the button below so you can get started.

P.S. Once you get all set up, check out my resources for entrepreneurs so you can continue to build your business with cool systems like email marketing.