5 Things to Throw Away Right Now

Main Stage Home Staging 5 Things to Throw Away

Do you get stressed when you think about your clutter? Try tossing these 5 things right now to get instant relief:

  1. Expired nail polish & makeup. If you have nail polish that’s thick or crusty, it’s time to toss it. Old makeup can cause infections and skin irritation so toss it if it’s older than this: mascara—three months; foundation & concealer—one year; lipstick, blush, eye shadow—two years.

  2. Expired medication. You may be surprised by how old some of your medications are, so check each one’s expiration date and trash the old stuff right away.

  3. Souvenir drink bottles. Did you go to that theme park 10 years ago and you’re still holding onto the plastic water bottle things? Unless you use them regularly, go ahead and let them go.

  4. Broken or damaged cookware. Got pots and pans that have seen better days? Toss ‘em, especially non-stick pans with worn or peeling coatings. The chemicals can be harmful when those flakes get mixed into your food.

  5. Old shoes. Crack open that closet and check them out. If they’re totally worn out, trash them. If they’re in decent shape but you don’t wear them, donate them.

by Jennifer Westbrook, Main Stage Home Staging & Organizing

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