How NOT to Look Desperate Selling Your House

How NOT to Look Desperate Selling Your House
How Not to Look Desperate Selling Your House

If your house has been on the market for several months, you’re probably wondering why, right?

It makes sense that after many months of waiting you might be starting to feel disappointed. Maybe even a little bit hopeless.

But the good news is this: There’s still hope. You can sell your home if you hang in there and make the necessary adjustments.

Although you may be growing weary, now is not the time to project that feeling onto your potential buyers. Put simply, you have to do your best to not look desperate.

Here are 5 reasons buyers think you’re desperate to sell and how you can avoid them:

Reason 1: They Think You Want to Sell Before the Holidays.

Many buyers think sellers are under pressure to sell before the holiday season because most people don’t want to market their homes at that time. While this may be true, give some thought to how you might work around your holiday schedule.

Perhaps you can limit showings so you can enjoy your holidays without the stress of keeping a perfectly staged house available for viewings at a moment’s notice.

Reason 2: They Think You Have a Financial Issue.

If you have some kind of financial or time-sensitive deadline like relocation or divorce, buyers think they can use that information to pressure you. So don’t share that information with buyers, and ask your agent not to share it, either.

Reason 3: They Think You’re Worn Out and Ready to Accept Any Offer.

It’s certainly a smart buying strategy to search out frustrated sellers who are likely to settle for any price just to get their house sold. But if you don’t have to settle for less than the right price for your house, don’t.

Instead, make sure your price is right, and make sure the house is professionally staged as a beautiful showpiece that justifies your price.

Reason 4: They Think Your Agent Will Work Harder to Make a Deal Work.

Some buyers think agents will work harder to sell a house that’s been on the market for an extended period of time because the agent is in a hurry to unload the listing. But if your agent already has a solid pricing and marketing strategy for your home, buyers won’t be able to pressure you into a deal that’s not right for you.

Reason 5: They Think You’re Afraid You Won’t Find a Buyer.

Just because you may be seeing less foot traffic in your home doesn’t mean there’s no traffic. You only need one buyer, so don’t let a slowdown scare you if your house looks great and is priced right.

No matter the time of year or market conditions, you still want to sell as quickly and as profitably as possible. And to do that, you have to project confidence to your potential buyers.

If you haven’t already done so, have a talk with your agent about your marketing strategy, and be sure to include home staging to make your house stand out from the competition.

by Jennifer Westbrook, Main Stage Home Staging & Organizing

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