Need Color Inspiration? Look to Nature for the Perfect Palette

Main Stage Home Staging Butterfly Pink Flower

“How do you pick colors?” That’s a question I hear a lot. Well, it doesn’t have to be complicated, because some of the most beautiful color palettes come straight from nature.

So where can you go to get inspired? You can look around in your very own backyard, or visit a park or botanical garden. You can even go to the garden center at your local hardware store and browse around the flowers and plants for some great ideas. Use your phone to snap pictures of the things you like, then head inside the store to the paint aisle and find matching color swatches to take home and play around with.

There’s an incredible botanical garden in my area of Maryland that I love to visit for inspiration. Not only is it full of beautiful flowers, but it also has a butterfly house that’s just too good for words.

Just look at some of these photos, for example. I have to say I impressed myself with these butterfly shots because those little guys didn’t stay still for long! But I was able to capture quite of few of them in all their glory.

Creamy yellow perfectly contrasted this navy blue butterfly's deep hue. This combination was great inspiration for a classic living room with modern accents.

Who knew the warm earth tones of a monarch butterfly could inspire the palette for a cozy living room?

Earth Tone Living Room Main Stage Home

And here, the simple combination of this hydrangea’s white and green made for a serene bedroom design.

Spending time outdoors is a great way to relieve stress and get inspired. I find that when I go out and explore nature, I come home with all kinds of creative ideas, not only for design but also for business and other areas of my life.

Now it’s your turn to get inspired—don’t be intimidated. It’s so easy to put together a great color scheme when nature’s already done the work for you, so give it a try!

by Jennifer Westbrook, Main Stage Home Staging & Organizing

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