Website Checkup

for Home Staging, Interior Decorating & Real Estate Professionals

Get Real Advice and an Action Plan to Rescue Your Website and Attract More Clients Now

Are you tired of spending

time and money on a website 

that doesn’t pay you back?  


If your website isn’t generating sales the way it should, there’s a fix for that.


But first, tell me if this sounds familiar…


You had high hopes for your website when you first envisioned it. You toiled over writing the right words and picking the perfect pretty pictures that would make your website shine.


You spent weeks—or maybe months—getting everything set up so you could open your online home and stark raking in the sales.


You launched it…and waited.


And aside from occasional inquiries, for the most part, all you heard was crickets.

Even though a few leads and sales drip on in now and then, it’s a far cry from the overflowing buckets of cash you thought you’d have by now.


And while your website is just sitting out there collecting cyber dust, you’re spending some real money maintaining it.


You’ve got your hosting fees, your payment processor fees, your appointment scheduling software fees—to name a few.


And with each passing month, you’re wondering if it’s worth it because you feel like your website is costing you more money than it’s making.

It seems like your website is dead and there’s

no hope for bringing it back to life.

I get it. I’ve been there, and I know it’s frustrating.


You might be at the point where your no-or-low-lead-generating-website is making you feel like you should give up, shut it down altogether and just market your business by email, social media, direct mail, or something else—anything else—that will get you some clients, stat.



But here’s the problem:



There are costs and limitations associated with any kind of marketing: it will either cost you time, money, or both.



And the return on those investments may be small compared to the hefty profits you could reap from a website that sells for you 24/7.



I’m talking about a website that frees you up from checking emails and social accounts constantly at all hours of the day and night and reduces the time you have to spend interacting with clients trying to schedule an appointment with you or buy your products and services. 


And THAT is exactly why I created my Website Checkup. It’s for home stagers, decorators and real estate professionals just like you who need to know why your website isn’t working for you and how you can fix it right now. 

In my Website Checkup, I’ll conduct a detailed review of your online home.


I'll give you specific recommendations on how to improve the look, feel and function of your website so you can not only attract more visitors but also get people buying your products and booking your services.


And the best part is this: I’ll leave you with a recorded call and detailed action plan that you can implement at your own pace so you can start seeing immediate improvements in your website.

Here’s how my Website Checkups work:



  • First, you’ll purchase your Website Checkup and answer a few questions about your business and your website so I can conduct my review 

  • Next, we’ll set an appointment for a 45-minute session where I’ll review my recommendations with you, and I’ll record the session so you can replay it anytime or share it with your team or website designer 

  • I’ll also give you a written action plan that details my recommendations in order of priority so you’ll know what you should tackle right now and what you can work on later

  • After our initial session, you can schedule a 20-minute follow-up where I’ll review your updated website and give you feedback on the changes you’ve made



During our session, I’ll walk you through my recommendations for improving your website, including:


  • Advice on how you can improve your copy (the words on your website) to engage visitors, build your brand’s credibility and generate sales

  • Evaluation of your website’s navigation and layout to optimize the user experience 

  • Analysis of your photos and graphics to enhance visual appeal and build brand recognition

  • Tips on how you can drive more traffic to your website so you can attract more clients

By the end of the session, you'll be equipped with an action plan to revive and shape up your website.

After your Website Checkup, you can expect to:


  • Have clarity on what to prioritize and what you can do later, so you can get your website in shape quickly without getting totally overwhelmed

  • Attract your ideal clients by speaking directly to their desires in a way that makes you stand out from the competition

  • Generate off-the-charts sales by raising awareness of your brand and building your credibility with a polished, professional website that will grab—and keep—your ideal customers’ attention so they’ll eagerly invest in your products and services



Book your Website Checkup today!


($497 value!)

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Now, don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what people have said about working with me on their websites:

"Thank you for your feedback! You have no idea...well you probably do, the amount of money I have invested in paying people for things and not really getting what I paid for—honest, constructive criticism. I truly appreciate your advice!”

J.P. Smith, Home Stager

“Jennifer really knocked it out of the park with my websites. They are personable, allowing prospective clients to learn a little more about me while clearly explaining what services I will provide to them and how I can be of help. My pages and sites are also now interactive thanks to Jen. Readers can click on a number of links to take action when they are ready. I really love that.”


Leticia C. Smith, Realtor®, Legacy Homes & Lifestyles with Leticia Smith of Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland

Meet Your Stager & Website Healer 

So, in case we haven’t met, I’m Jennifer—home stager and entrepreneur. In a nutshell, I dress up and organize homes for faster, more profitable selling.


And I help business owners design beautiful websites that attract clients and make sales.

With more than a decade of experience in corporate America, I understand the importance of meeting my clients’ expectations and goals.


And I know what catches people's eyes online and stops their fingers from scrolling. 

When I started my home staging business, I decided to learn how to build websites on my own so I could have full control over my own site, design it at my own pace and be as creative as I wanted to be.


And before I knew it, people were calling me up just to ask, "Who designed your website?"

I quickly realized that other new and aspiring home stagers and decorators, as well as Realtors and real estate professionals, needed my help.

They were tired of scratching their heads, trying to figure out website design on their own. And as new business owners, they weren't ready to pay a pro web designer thousands of dollars to create a website for them.

They wanted a website that would not only look amazing but also attract their dream clients 24/7, so that's what I delivered. 


And inside my Website Checkup, I’ll reveal how you can breathe new life into your website so you can transform it from a barely noticed money pit to a client-attracting, cash-generating machine.